A Turkish company specialized in construction chemicals looks for distributors and commercial agents and offers manufacturing agreement.

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Summary: A Turkish construction chemicals producer with 35 years of experience in the market known for its high quality products grouped in seven different headings such as epoxy and polyurethane based floor coatings, special paint and protective coating products etc looks for distributors, commercial agents and offers manufacturing and private label manufacturing agreements. Description Description: 

The company which was established in 1986 in Ankara, Turkey has been producing high quality construction chemicals for 35 years.

Its products are grouped under 7 headings namely:

? Joint and Crack Sealants
o Jet fuel resistant sealants
o Polyurethane, polysulfide or silicone-based sealants
o One or two component sealants
o Cold or Hot applied joint sealants

? Floor Coating Systems
o Epoxy and polyurethane based floor coating products
o Sealers and protective top coats
o Car park deck systems
o Sports floorings

? Special Paints and Protective Coatings
o Road marking paints
o Industrial paints and coatings
o Protective paints and coatings

? Repair and Reinforcement Materials
o Polyurethane and epoxy mortars
o MMAand epoxy anchors
o Polyurethane and epoxy injection resins
o Shotcrete

? Admixtures and Concrete Curing
o Curing agents
o Concrete admixtures

? Concrete Admixture Raw Materials
o Polycarboxylates
o Defoamers
o Booster polymers

? Waterproofing,Water and oil repellents
o Polyurea and polyurethane waterproofing
o Silane based repellents

R&D activities, new product designs and quality control processes emerge in 1.000 m2 laboratory which is well equipped with high-tech and special devices. With the help of expert design engineers, highly sophisticated production and homegrown technologies, the company is able to design, manufacture and certify products that conform to the highest quality standards.

Besides the products in its product range, the company also produces specially designed products upon customers' needs.
The company has been active in 35 countries located in five continents including the European countries. In order to expand its market, the company possess a branch office in Illinois, USA, Being ISO 9001:2000 certified, the company has been involved in large scale, prestigious projects such as airports, dams, stadiums, bridges, embassies, universities, infrastructures etc.

In order to enter new markets, the company wants to establish long-tern business relations via commercial agency, distribution services, manufacturing and private label manufacturing.

Advantages & innovations Cooperation plus value: ? High-level R&D facilities? Qualified design engineers? High quality products? Involved in large scale projects ? Emphasis on combining aesthetics with technical demands? Engaged in transnational cooperation? Private labeling possibility Stage of development Cooperation stage dev stage: Already on the market Partner sought Cooperation area: In order to enter new markets, the company aims to establish reliable and long-term business partnerships via distribution services, commercial agency, manufacturing and private label manufacturing agreements.The distributors who will be responsible for promoting the company's products will act as the official distributor of the Turkish company in his/her country. Distributors shall have an extensive network to public institutions and market players. Additionally, distributors, wholesalers, retailers active in civil and industrial engineering, construction companies, energy sector, construction materials are also welcome to sign a distribution services agreement.The commercial agents are expected to promote the company's products in local markets and establish the link between the end-users and the Turkish company.Furthermore, the company is willing to sign manufacturing agreement with construction companies, and can also manufacture specially designed products for SMEs or large companies upon customers' request. Production of private label products is also possible.As soon as an agreement is signed between the company and the partner, the company will be responsible for the training of the staff for the use of products and after sales services. The partners will also be provided with catalogues, on-line documents, brochure, etc. Any other issue that may arise will be discussed between the partner and the Turkish company before signing the agreement. Type and size Cooperation task: SME 11-50,Inventor,R&D Institution,SME 500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500
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