Ukrainian institute, developer of an artificial soil, seeks manufacturing agreements

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Summary: Ukrainian research and development institute is looking for partners in the territory of Western Europe for manufacturing of artificial soil based on ?smart? hydrogels. Description Description: 

Ukrainian research and development institute established in 1991 working in a field of colloidal chemistry, organic chemistry and biotechnology is looking for mass manufacturing of the artificial soil.
Artificial soil is suitable for the cultivation of ornamental plants of agricultural crops, plant propagation microclonal under controlled conditions in order to obtain environmentally friendly plant products, as well as to regulate the water-physical properties of natural soils.
Artificial soil is a hydrogel substrate based on copolymer hydrogels with a branched pore system containing immobilized bio elements.
The material is absolutely safe for the plants and ecology.
Usage of this material could provide increasing of the productivity of plant growth and yield up to 30% (in comparison with plants grown in ordinary soil).
For the implementation of the artificial soil to the agricultural industry institute is seeking the companies to produce the artificial soil at the European territory in a frame of a manufacturing agreement.

Advantages & innovations Cooperation plus value: Artificial soil has several advantages in comparison with the known analogues, including:-plant biosafety;-prolonged and controlled release of incorporated bioelements;-absorption capacity (up to 1000% /min);-unique sorption capacity for organic and inorganic substances ? 99% (from initial concentrations);-monodispersity;-thermal-stability. Technical Specification or Expertise Sought Cooperation sought: The company is looking for a partner with expertise in different configuration composite hydrogel based materials manufacturing.The desired partner should manufacture hydrogel based soil based on monomers of different chemical nature ? hydrophilic, hydrophobic, ionogenic, bifunctional and obtaining gel-materials of different consistency and shapes, including in the form of plates (length from 10 mm to 20 cm and thickness from 0.5 to 5 mm), granules of different diameters (0.5-2.5 mm) or gummy masses. Partner sought Cooperation area: Companies engaged in manufacturing of the polymers, hydrogels, agricultural products etc. for mas manufacturing of the artificial soil at the European territory.
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