Romanian company producing high-end commercial and brand signage stands and modern commercial furniture seeks manufacturing and subcontracting agreements

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Summary: A Romanian company specialized in producing tailored, high-end commercial furniture, components and accessories made from wood, plastic, glass, metal, mineral composite and other materials seeks manufacturing and subcontracting agreements for a wide range of indoor and outdoor brand signage and visual identity stands, commercial islands, fittings and point-of-sale materials. Description Description: 

The Romanian company has 20 years of experience on the national and international market, being specialized in commercial furniture tailored to the client’s needs and requirements.

It creates various types of high-end, high-quality commercial and residential furniture and is specialized in designing and producing a wide range of indoor and outdoor brand signage stands, modular office furniture, modern office desks, quality office chairs, exhibition stands, commercial islands, shop fittings, presentation desks, commercial displays and other POSMs (point-of-sale materials) components and accessories, made from various materials, creating projects from a mix of glass, plastic, wood and metal, with an enduring nature of form, executed at a high level of aesthetic and engineering detail.

The company is one of the leaders in the field on the Romanian market, offering all-in-one in-house service. They have created over 3600 unique products in over 25 countries for many known multinational companies from a large range of industries: tobacco, cosmetics, beverages, and many others.

The company undergoes a complex process for the design and the production of a certain project:
- The first stage of a project is the analysis of the client’s needs and requirements. The company’s specialists evaluate every detail and provide solutions for the structure, design, component materials, location, functionality, operation of each object or furniture or signage systems;
- The second step is drafting a brief that contains all of the necessary information regarding technical details, similar products and market analysis;
- Based on the brief, the team of designers and technicians create an integrated concept, both aesthetically and functionally, that is sent to the client;
- Any work designed for special conditions is accompanied by an initial assessment and measurement of the space. A 3-D simulation includes all of these aspects of the space allocated to the project;
- The period of use, structure, components, proportions, colors, brand and functionality are the inspiration of the company’s engineering and design department. Once the engineers have established the functional elements of the project, it is up to design specialists to add aesthetic and functional touches to the project;
- Pre-production and tailored production follow the above-mentioned steps in creating a project, using dedicated, modern technologies and machinery, as well as specialized IT and industrial equipment;
- The final step of the project is represented by the delivery and the installation of the furniture elements. The company’s approaches the assembling stage differently for each type of product, considering the transport position and the required transport mode, regardless of the type of transport: air, water or road transport. The company has its own transport fleet and all the necessary equipment - staircases, scaffolds, height straps for any type of installation, from indoor / outdoor groundworks and mountings, to cassette mounts, rooftops on crane buildings at a height of over 20 meters, with teams specialized in such works.

The goal of the company is to find foreign partners in order to develop their portfolio, further developing the business. Therefore, the company seeks manufacturing and subcontracting agreements with international partners. The future partners should be able to indicate the needs and requirements for the desired products, as the Romanian company offers to undertake specific projects, with the purpose of manufacturing items according to the specified figures.

Advantages & innovations Cooperation plus value: The company uses cutting-edge technologies that make possible a high fidelity tailoring to the client’s needs and requirements. They create the projects using machinery for laser and computer numerically controlled processing, large format printing, Abkant hydraulic presses, as well as equipment for glassware, neon production, serigraphy, plotting and painting. They have adopted a holistic approach when dealing with a project, having over 120 specialists that are able to contribute to the realization of the project from different points of view, from the design to the concept phase, going through production and even with post-production and warranty services. The staff comprises professionals specializing in design, engineering, architecture, metalworking, plastic, mineral composite and overall consultancy.They apply the highest standards of design and craftsmanship to each project.The company has a portfolio of over 40 000 products, the result of a very wide and experienced vision and operates in a 5 000 m2 building, thus ensuring a high production capacity. The company’s quality management systems is certified under the ISO 9001:2015 certification. Stage of development Cooperation stage dev stage: Already on the market Partner sought Cooperation area: The company is searching for international manufacturing and subcontracting agreements with partners – SMEs, large companies, advertisers, marketing and PR agencies – in need of any kind of commercial and/or residential furniture, especially various types of brand and visual identity signage. The partner should be able to constantly offer the company the requirements for the desired outcome on a long term basis. Type and size Cooperation task: SME 11-50,SME 500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500
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