Composites speed concrete facade fabrication

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» Autor: Jeff Sloan

» Fecha Publicación: 29/05/2020

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Every multi-story building constructed today requires a facade. Derived from the French word façade, which in turn came from the Italian facciata, it means “face.” In short, the facade is the exterior, public-facing structure that gives the building its character, color and shape. For architects, the facade very much sets the tone for the rest of the building and says much about the designer’s architectural intent.

A facade is also functional. It provides the structure that surrounds windows and doors, protects the building from weather and impacts, and affects the building’s energy efficiency. A facade can be constructed from a variety of materials, including composites, stone, steel, glass or concrete. Concrete in a facade, by virtue of its formability, can be used to give a building a highly dimensional and visually impactful appearance, particularly if the concrete shapes are varied.

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