Alvant uses DSEI show to Demonstrate Benefits of Matrix Composite Materials to the Defence Industry

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Alvant will be attending DSEI 2019, the world?s leading defence and security event*, to raise awareness of the benefits of matrix composite materials in defence specific applications, specifically those that require lightweight, high-strength struts, linkages, panels and tubes, for use in land, sea and air systems.

The event, to be held 10-13 September at Excel London will also see the Aluminium Matrix Composites (AMCs) manufacturer focus on further applications such as manned and unmanned aerial vehicles and customised special vehicles.

Alvant?s commercial director, Richard Thompson said: ?We are very much looking forward to attending DSEI 2019. Our focus at the event will be to demonstrate the many benefits and uses of our AMC materials to the defence industry.?

AMCs are a family of materials in which aluminium is reinforced with high-performance ceramics. Such matrix composites can be precisely tailored for stiffness, strength, density, thermal properties and electrical properties. It is also possible, by using Alvant?s unique Advanced Liquid Pressure Forming (ALPF) method, to selectively reinforce areas of a mechanical component with these high-performance materials in a near net shape manufacturing approach. Alternatively, Alvant?s materials can be cost-effectively applied as discrete inserts into a component where an array of similar inserts meet the performance requirements.

?AMCs offer enhanced product capability around performance, mobility and reliability, as well as superior properties over traditional metals and polymer matrix composites - such as carbon fibre composite - and are particularly useful in applications that require lightweight yet high- strength components. An understanding of how these materials behave will assist their adoption and help manufacturers achieve their aims for weight and efficiency? continued Thompson.

Alvant produces four AMC families: AlXal (pronounced Al-Zal) ? a continuous fibre reinforced AMC, ParXal ? a particle loaded AMC;  AerXal ? an aluminium syntactic foam and CorXal ? a unique high-performance multi-phase AMC similar in concept to a sandwich material but made in a single-shot process providing ultra-high stiffness and low density (~1.9g/cc). Alvant can design and manufacture components in all of its materials to satisfy customer requirements.


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