Polysulfone Composite Membranes with Carbonaceous Structure. Synthesis and Applications

» Autor: Pandele

» Referencia: doi: 10.3390/coatings10070609

» Fecha Publicación: 28/06/2020

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The present review deals with the latest progress in the field of polysulfone composite membranes with carbon nanotubes, carbon fiber and graphene from both perspectives-synthesis and applications. These two fillers, extensively used in the last few years due to their remarkable properties, induce a high value character to the composite materials. On the other hand, polysulfone is one the most used polymers for preparing polymeric membranes due to its high versatility in a wide range of solvents and also to the properties of this remarkable polymer. All types of synthesis method were presented and also a large number of applications from industrial to biomedical were presented and discussed.
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