Axial Behavior of Reinforced UHPC-NSC Composite Column under Compression

» Autor: Fuhai Li

» Referencia: doi: 10.3390/ma13132905

» Fecha Publicación: 28/06/2020

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This paper proposes a novel reinforced ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC)-normal strength concrete (NSC) composite column. The main feature of the reinforced UHPC-NSC composite column is the use of an exterior UHPC cover, which is helpful for improving the load-carrying capacity, deformability, and crack resistance. This study focused on the axial behavior of the reinforced UHPC-NSC composite column. A total of 12 specimens were designed to investigate the axial behavior of the composite column under compression. The thickness of the exterior UHPC cover, volumetric stirrup ratio, and construction method were considered as the main experimental parameters. The failure modes and strain–stress relationships are discussed in this paper. By introducing the exterior UHPC cover, the peak confined strength obviously improved. The compressive strain at the peak confined strength was mainly determined by the deformability of the plain UHPC material. The composite column resulted in a unique sudden drop immediately after the peak confined strength, owing to the rapid loss of the confining stress from the exterior UHPC cover. A trilinear model is proposed to describe the strain–stress relationship of the composite column. The results obtained by the modified model are in good agreement with the test results.
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