Ultrasonic guided wave scattering due to delamination in curved composite structures

» Autor: Rajendra Kumar Munian, D. Roy Mahapatra, S. Gopalakrishnan

» Referencia: Composite Structures, Volume 239

» Fecha Publicación: 01/05/2020

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Wave propagation in a curved composite structure having delamination is simulated using time domain spectral finite element (TSFE) method that enables fast computation with higher-order field interpolation. Curved structures are very common in aerospace, marine and other composite structural components and understanding ways to detect delamination in these curved structures with the help of ultrasonic guided wave simulation is essential. Guided wave interaction with curved region progressively causes mode converted waves, which are present in both reflected as well as transmitted wave packets. The details are poorly understood. The additional wave packets due to interaction cause difficulty in identification of damaged induced responses. Mode conversion and reflection from the curved section reduce the useful signal strength to interrogate any delamination in the curved region. Guided wave interaction with the curved section in an L-shaped structure and a structure with T-joint are studied using TSFE simulation. Simulation results are validated using analytical solutions. Mode conversion and transmission in T-joint is studied using numerical simulation with experimental validation. Signal loss due to mode conversion and reflections at different frequencies is investigated in terms of geometric and wave parameters, which promises to identify the appropriate frequencies and choice of wave mode for monitoring.

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