Preparation and Tribological Study of Graphene Coating on Glass Fiber-Reinforced Composite Using Modified Percolating-Assisted Resin Film Infusion Method

» Autor: Wang

» Referencia: doi: 10.3390/ma13040851

» Fecha Publicación: 13/02/2020

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Tribological properties of glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) composites used in reciprocating contact should be improved to secure the efficiency and safety because of risks of abrasion, adhesion, and fatigue deficiency amidst fiber, matrix, or interphase. This paper investigates the influence of graphene reinforcement on the wear resistance of a GFRP composite. Graphene was integrated into a typical GFRP composite as the surface coating using a modified resin film infusion method with the percolating paper assisted. Dry reciprocating sliding tests were performed against a stainless steel ball moving in a direction 45 degrees to the fiber orientation. The morphology of the worn surface was observed, and the corresponding wear mechanisms are discussed. Results suggest that the prepared graphene coating improves the wear resistance of the GFRP composite. The protected GFRP laminates remained intact during the first 20 min of the wear test and only a small fraction of fibers were broken after 60 min test. Furthermore, abrasive debris and fiber breaks originating from composite were markedly reduced, likely owing to the formation of a protective transfer film between the surface of the modified composite and the rubbing counterpart.
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